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Researcher specialized in human microbiota (H/F)



The Laboratory "technological Innovations for Detection and Diagnosis" (LI2D) of the Fundamental Research Division of the French Atomic Energy and Renewable Energy Agency (CEA) develops innovative methodologies and technologies for the detection of Pathogens and diagnosis, and transfers its innovations to the industry. As a key player in the CBRN field, LI2D has developed and validated a rapid diagnostic test for the Ebola virus that has now been marketed, as well as qPCR tests that have been transferred to a private company.

The work of the team led by Jean Armengaud resulted in original developments in metaproteomics with the characterization of a microbiota in less than 5 hours. This approach has numerous applications in the fields of human health and the environment. To promote medical benefits, an original scientific project focused on the analysis of the human microbiota and its applications in terms of diagnosis and therapeutics will be implemented based on all available technologies (NGS, metaproteomics, nucleic probes, monoclonal antibodies) and collaborations to be developed with hospitals.


Tasks and responsibilities

Experienced researcher, in charge of setting up and conducting a scientific project essentially based on the metaproteomic study of microbiota.
Using his/her experience in microbial studies (NGS, RNAseq, proteomics, culturomics ...), he/she will propose the scientific strategy taking full advantage of the technologies in place within Li2D (NGS, metaproteomics, nucleic probes, monoclonal antibodies) and CEA/SPI (metabolomics). He/she will rely on technical platforms including L2 and L3 microbiology platforms, L1 and L2 eukaryotic culture, A1 animal facility, molecular biology (NGS, qPCR), biochemistry, very high resolution mass spectrometry & metaproteomics. He/she will participate actively in the search for funding through response to calls and will be in charge of the development of academic, hospital and/or industrial partnerships related to his/her project. He/she will be responsible for the valorization of his/her results (scientific publications and patents).


Requirements and qualifications
A microbiologist specialized in microbiota and/or microbial communities and host/microbiota interactions with strong experience in bacteriology, bacterial metabolism, and multi-omics approaches (NGS, RNAseq, metaproteomics, culturomics).
Ph.D. and post-doctoral experience in the field of human microbiota and/or microbial communities and/or multi-omics approaches, he/she should have a good knowledge of the statistical and bioinformatic tools associated.
He/she must have demonstrated research performances (publications and funding) and abilities to work within a dynamic team and mentor students.


CEA – Marcoule center
Parc Régional d’Activités Economiques Marcel Boiteux
30200 Codolet, Gard, France

Send CV, references, cover letter briefly describing the proposed project and skills, and letters of recommendation by e-mail before September 10, 2017 at:

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